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Black Olive East Nursery

We are a wholesale plant nursery. Our customers are mainly landscapers and other garden centers and nurseries. We also sell to others involved in outdoor plant beautification, such as various cities, tree trimmers and landscape architects. Our goals are to sell quality plants and to provide hard to get and unusual plant material. Business started in 1984 by Mark Herndon. His uncle, Bill Nichols, owned Black Olive Nursery. A well known wholesale and retail nursery in the area. We are one of the few wholesale nurseries on the east side of Broward county.

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Like our customers, WE LOVE OUR PLANTS! That is why we always go the extra mile to ensure the health and quality of our plants. Each plant is professionally looked after during each stage of growth. Our staff make sure that each and every plant get the right amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients.



Our passion for perennials goes back to our origins. Since 1990, Black Olive East Nursery has been the choice of serious landscapers looking for the healthiest, strongest, and rarest perennial plants.

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